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Call Dibs - A Military-Exclusive Mobile Market Place

Posted by Monica Schaefer on Tue, Jun 12, 2012 @ 07:06 AM

Call Dibs, by Adjacent Apps, is a FREE mobile selling application; exclusive only to the military community that allows active duty, dependents, veterans, reservists, and the DOD to buy, sell, and exchange goods.

Call Dibs

The Story behind Call Dibs:

As military families, we're accustomed to relocating. This often means we need to unload items prior to a move, or need items once we arrive to our new location. Call Dibs provides us a means to do so with ease. Unlike other online-selling tools, Call Dibs gives users a sense of trust, accountability, and security; knowing they're transacting with other members of the military.

Developed by Anthony Garcia, a U.S. Army veteran, Call Dibs was created as a forum built upon the trust of our military community. The values and principles, which define our military, are unique to our culture. Because of this, the goal of Call Dibs is to provide a marketplace which will ensure security through transparency, affiliation, and verification.

How Call Dibs works:

If you need to get rid of items, it's fast and easy: 1. Describe your item, 2. List a price, 3. Select a length of availability, and 4. Upload a picture from your mobile device. Call Dibs can also be used out of good will, by just giving something away to your fellow service member or spouse. And if you're in need of items, Call Dibs allows the awareness of knowing what's available in your local area. You can see this through the Call Dibs map view or scroll through the list view. And if you're PCsing soon - search your future destination.

Call Dibs

What to Expect:          

As Call Dibs continues to evolve, users will be privileged to a treasure trove of benefits. The Call Dibs team is comprised of military spouses, veterans, and former dependents - rest assured the voice of the customer will be heard. Additionally, Call Dibs will serve as a valuable asset for military families to connect with the communities in which they're stationed.

To start using Call Dibs today, visit and submit your email address. Download the FREE Call Dibs app from iTunes. Complete the registration, then start buying and selling. Buy, sell, swap, and recycle - Call Dibs!



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