Neat Homes Garner Bidding Wars

Fri, Aug 08, 2014 @ 09:08 AM Karina Gafford Selling a Home

Clean Home resized 600In the ideal home sale, your home would sell within one month after a tough bidding war between several home buyers, garnering you more than your asking price, leaving you ready to PCS on time with some extra cash in your bank account for your next down payment. How can you wind up in this enviable home selling position? A neat home is a good way to help you garner a bidding war between prospective buyers and help place your home in an optimum selling position. Before we proceed, though, it’s important that you know a couple of key statistics about homes that do well in the market place:    

  • Homes that sell within one month: 35-percent
  • Homes that enter bidding wars: 6-percent  

As you can see, selling a home within one month is reasonable; however, few homes are fortunate enough to enter bidding wars. It’s more reasonable to aim for receiving your asking price, which 15-percent of homes do receive, or at least receiving between 90 and 99-percent of your asking price, which 57-percent of homes on the market receive. If you’re a military family with a goal of a quick sale for as close to your asking price as possible, then make sure to take note of the five tips on how to achieve your ideal home sale:


  1. A Neat Kitchen: My husband clutters the kitchen countertop with his protein powders (yes, multiple kinds, and in all sorts of shapes and sizes!); it drives me crazy! He wants to make sure he can see the protein powders so that he remembers to add them to his water. I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to have to see the clutter they make, though; if we were selling our home, then our prospective home buyers would want to picture their own protein powders and assorted countertop necessities on the countertops. 
  1. A Neat Bathroom: To be perfectly honest, though, I have cluttered our bathroom countertops with moisturizers and lotions for the same reason: The visual reminder helps me remember to use them! So, while he’d have to clean the kitchen; I’d need to de-clutter the bathroom to prepare for a home showing. 
  1. Hide the Pets: Cleaning the countertops is an obvious tip, but two items that many home sellers fail to consider as clutter are pet accessories and large children’s toys, such as toy kitchens. Yes, your dog needs a place to sleep, but when your home is in the showing process, then his bed needs to go out of sight along with his food bowl and toys. Usually, underneath a raised bed should provide a quick solution to this clutter buster situation.   
  1. Hide the Kids: Your child’s kitchen is a little harder to shove under the bed, though, so consider hiring a storage container, such as a Pod, to get the big items out of sight. These cost approximately $200 per month for local storage, so it’s well worth the cost to garner a quicker sale! 
  1. Make Your Home Smell Neat, Too! Just as the warm, freshly baked waft of bread aroma can lure you into a bakery to buy a crusty baguette, a foul smell can send your prospective home buyers running for the front door of your home before they’ve had a chance to admire your tastefully decorated master suite. Have you ever walked into a home only to find yourself immediately repulsed by the smell of cat stench, cigarette smoke, or strong food odors? As a cooking lover, I assume that my home always smells delicious, but food odors hang out and permeate the kitchen if you don’t open windows and use the air vents. Though current Febreze ads suggest that their plug-ins will help save guests from the scents to which you are “nose blind,” these strong scents can also overwhelm those touring your home, particularly if they have allergies or are sensitive to scents in general (hello, pregnant ladies!).    

When your home is on the market, make sure to keep it market ready so that it’s always available for a rush showing. You never know when a fellow military family suddenly receives a last-minute reassignment and needs to see homes quickly! 

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