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    4 Easy Updates to Attract Renters and Keep Your Family Happy

    When you live the military life, moving is almost inevitable. For military homeowners, that can lead to the temptation not to update their homes or make them warm and welcoming, because they know they are going to be moving soon.

    Don't fall into this trap! Here are some tips that you can use to make your home comfortable while you are living in it, and then turn around and attract renters when it’s time to move. 

    1) Extend Your Living Space Outdoors 

    Outdoor living spaces are a hot commodity right now. If you can extend your home into the outdoors with a cozy outdoor entertaining area, you will be able to enjoy barbecues, evenings in the backyard with your kids, and so much more. Then, when you are ready to move, that outdoor living area will be an asset to potential renters. 

    Here are some features that an outdoor living area needs to have: First, make sure your top priority is seating. Whether a bench, picnic table or patio set, you need a place to sit and get comfortable. Then, consider adding a place to cook, whether it's a grill or a full outdoor kitchen. Finally, invest in a fire pit for cozy after-dark marshmallow roasts.

    If your home doesn't already have a patio or porch, consider adding one. A deck isn't an easy upgrade, but it is one with significant value. A patio isn't hard to add, however. This will greatly improve your enjoyment of the home, and the average return on a deck, patio, or porch addition is 90 percent if you choose to sell at some point. Renters will appreciate it, too.

    2) Upgrade the Kitchen 

    While you are living in your home, you're going to spend many hours in the kitchen creating family dinners and enjoying time with your loved ones. Upgrading and updating features in the kitchen will make it more enjoyable for you, plus it will make it more appealing to renters. Keep in mind that a minor kitchen remodel brings a 98 percent return on investment if you sell, and you will see that it also makes the home more appealing to potential future renters. 

    This doesn't mean you need to do an entire kitchen remodel. Is your faucet out of date? Update it with a newer, modern one. Do your cabinets need an update? Try updating the handles or refinishing them instead of replacing. If you have the budget, upgrade your appliances while you're still living in the home, so you can enjoy them for a few years before your future move.

    3) Install New Lighting 

    Is the lighting in your home outdated? Installing new light fixtures is a simple upgrade that has a significant impact on a home’s attractiveness. While you are at it, consider adding lighting in dark corners or areas where it is lacking. Track lighting and recessed lighting can brighten a space significantly. These will be more valuable to potential renters than a standing lamp, which can perform the same function but will move with you when you move.

    4) A Little Paint 

    Finally, don't overlook the power of paint. Paint can make an old, outdated home feel clean, new, and inviting. Paint now, then work to maintain the paint job until you need to move, and your renters will enjoy a modern look to the property as well. After you paint, add crown molding to make your home look more upscale. 

    When painting, think long term. Since you won't be staying in your home for years to come, most likely, use neutral, modern colors to make the home more appealing to potential renters. 

    As a military family, you need to consider the balance between enjoying your home and investing in it, and realizing that it's probably only a temporary home. With updates like these, you can truly appreciate your home while you are living in it, and enjoy better return on your investment when it's time to move.

    Author Bio:

    Jeff Caldwell is Brand Manager of Superior Shade. The company provides shade products, including custom shades, sun shades, umbrellas and more — offering custom products to fit your unique space.

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