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    How to Add Style to Your Small Bathroom

    Bathrooms are usually at the top of homeowners’ lists for renovations or a simple refresh. One of the reasons for desired upgrades is due to a significant lifestyle change in the U.S.

    Decades ago, homes were not built with the luxury of bathrooms with large square footage. People just didn’t hang out in there like we do today. So, that leaves many homeowners with older homes looking to add style to a small bathroom in any way they can.

    Your outdated bathroom likely falls into one of two categories:

    1. In need of major rehab, potentially stealing space from adjacent closets or rooms.
    2. The space is permanently defined but could be enhanced with decorative techniques.

    Of course, budget plays a significant role in either one of these scenarios. Read on to find options for both, with tips for budget as well as expensive updates.

    Tips for adding stylish space to your bathroom during renovations:

    • Showers with curbless entry, glass doors, and tilework that reaches the ceiling offer the illusion of a larger space.
    • Curved front or rounded corner vanities maximize the area.
    • Large mirrors reflect light and trick the eye.
    • Floor to ceiling cabinets extend the line of sight to add height.
    • In extremely small spaces, wall hung toilets can be mounted. Their tank is hidden in the wall.
    • Skylights always add to available space.
    • Pocket and sliding doors eliminate the need for door clearance.
    • A built-in ledge over the sink lessens the need for storage space. In fact, built-in shelves and nooks to efficiently utilize a small space are probably the best way to achieve storage area.

    Tips for adding style to your existing small bathroom when decorating:

    • Strategic lighting throughout the bathroom makes space appear larger.
    • Use of the same finishes on fixtures throughout the room unifies, rather than distracts or breaks up the view.
    • Bring in modular storage units or ladders to hang towels and optimize vertical space.
    • Use the same flooring throughout the bathroom, even into the shower if it's a walk in.
    • Oval shaped mirrors elongate small areas over vanities.
    • Use one color for wall and paint trim, which diminishes break lines.
    • Although white is a go-to choice for color, greens, blues and greys also make small space appear larger.
    • Reduce the need for a large vanity by adding shelves for towel storage.

    The desire for large bathrooms is not a trend that will fade. The modern bathroom has become a relaxation haven, with spa qualities like sculptural elements such as free standing tubs. It's also not unusual to see accommodations for wireless entertainment. Instead of the utilitarian hub it once was, stylishly decorated and designed bathrooms are now considered just as important as any other room in the house, if not more so.

    For even more help finding ways to add style in the bathroom, start at the beginning of this home décor series with What’s Your Home Style?

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    Dawn M. Smith


    Dawn M. Smith

    Dawn is a real estate and military life writer who has a serious HGTV habit. When she is not writing, her teen daughter, Army husband, and golden retriever keep her busy through chauffeur duties, travel planning, and long dog walks. Dawn is pleased to share her experiences with MilitaryByOwner readers who are hoping to simplify military family journeys of all kinds. Follow Dawn on Pinterest for more ideas and resources and visit her site at Dawn M. Smith Custom Content Creation.

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