How Will You Celebrate National Military Appreciation Month?

Wed, May 03, 2017 @ 08:05 AM Mary Ann Eckberg Military Life

IMG_7225.jpg“Thank You.”

A simple statement. From an early age, we are taught to use this polite term as we build good manners. When out and about, have you noticed a person in uniform and offered a “Thank You” to them? Or have you received a “Thank you for your service” gesture?

With a kind remark, it’s easy for us to voice our warmhearted appreciation to a service member. To add to that sentiment, in 1999, Congress designated the month of May as National Military Appreciation Month. These 31 days allow our nation to showcase our gratitude for our Active Duty, Veterans, and families. While we remember and recognize those who dedicate their lives to military service, the following events are planned each year.

How You Can Celebrate

May 1, 2017 - Loyalty Day

On May Day, we begin National Military Appreciation Month by asserting our pride in this great nation and reaffirming our American loyalty with Loyalty Day.

May 7 - May 13, 2017 - Public Service Recognition Week #psrw

During Public Service Recognition Wee,  we honor those serving in federal, state, county, and local government positions.

May 8, 2017 - Victory in Europe Day, VE Day

VE Day marks the unconditional surrender of German armed forces to the Allies of World War II, in 1945.

May 12, 2017 - Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Established in 1984, Military Spouse Appreciation Day highlights the service and sacrifice of military spouses and their families. Here at MilitaryByOwner we celebrate with military spouses everyday!

May 20, 2017 - Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day is the perfect mid-May holiday to honor our current servicemembers in each branch of the military.


May 29, 2017 - Memorial Day

While Veterans Day honors all those who’ve served, Memorial Day honors those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. Amidst the excitement of this popular weekend, we take a moment to remember our fallen heroes. As a bugle plays the solemn tune of “Taps,” we are reminded to be thankful for our freedom.

How You Can Help

A few months ago, I heard an interview of a Hollywood celebrity who’d just returned from visiting military troops overseas. While thanking those who’re serving our country, the star wished he could tell our servicemembers how he’d pitched in back at home. That sentiment is a good reminder that we Americans have countless opportunities to dole out our time to worthy causes. Along with the calendar of events occurring during National Military Appreciation Month, I browsed through resources available on MilitaryByOwner and found these three options for giving back.

1. Volunteer with:

  • Navy or Coast Guard Ombudsman
  • Army Family Liaison Officer
  • Marine Corps Key Volunteer
  • Air Force Key Spouse Leader

Helping out with one of these programs can help strengthen the ties of your military community. 

2. Reach out to:

  • a military spouse facing a long deployment
  • a veteran trying blend into civilian life
  • a caregiver of a wounded servicemember

Even the smallest of gestures can break up the monotony of another person’s routine and positively improve their outlook.

3. Donate your time and talent.

  • Do you enjoy working with children? Pitch in with a military youth camp like “Operation Purple.”
  • Are you handy around the house? Grab your tools and join a charity doing home renovations for those in need.
  • Is your lawn the envy of your street? Ask around your neighborhood if there’s a veteran’s yard that could be spruced up.

By sharing the skills you excel at, you’ll find ways to connect with others and make a world of difference.

How You Can Save

Additionally, during National Military Appreciation Month, be sure to keep an eye out for money saving events, such as the following. 

Discounts on admission prices at

  • Theme parks
  • Zoos
  • Museums

10% discount at major home improvement stores on

  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Veterans Day

If you have a favorite store or restaurant in mind, inquire about a potential military discount.

  • Look online for reduced price policies
  • Check the timing. Often a business will offer a discount on a specific day of the week, such as “10% off on Tuesdays.”
  • Upon arrival, ask for any special deals or coupons available

With Military Appreciation Month, this fifth month of the year grants us the chance to express our thanks for the service and sacrifice of our military. As you plan your days of May, take a moment to reflect with thankfulness for the dedication of our servicemembers who have served and continue to serve. 


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