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    What to Know About Beach Living Near Camp Lejeune

    So you’re thinking a PCS move to Camp Lejeune is the perfect time to try the beach lifestyle. It’s true! There are plenty of options: rent, buy a primary residence, or buy a house with rental income in mind.

    It makes sense to get a taste of what beach living is all about, courtesy of the U.S. military, before making a choice to plant roots and live the post-military life of your dreams!

    A PCS move to Camp Lejeune may be a perfect opportunity to buy a beach home.PXHere

    Near Camp Lejeune, the best opportunities to find a beachfront home or a property with nearby beach access are in Emerald Isle, Sneads Ferry, Swansboro, and Cedar Point, North Carolina. You’ll have to carefully plan your beach dreams against the beachfront price, however. As you can guess, a small distance to the beach equals a large rent or mortgage payment.

    For a quick reminder of your buying or renting power, take a look at two 2021 BAH for Camp Lejeune examples.

    • E8 with dependents: $ 1497.00
    • O3 with dependents:  $ 1563.00



    If you’re ready to take the beach house lifestyle plunge, here’s a chance to try an excellent rental on Emerald Isle near Camp Lejeune. 

    109 Windjammer South, Emerald Isle, NC, 28594

    • 4 Bed, 4 Bath (Single Family)
    • Rent: $3,200
    • MBO Listing #MBO1472641

    Emerald Isle for rent near Camp Lejuene

    This rental house is located in picturesque Emerald Isle, North Carolina, a top destination for any beach lover. The four-bedroom home is just one block from the beach in the gated community of Lands End. The wrap-around porch not only shows off ocean vistas but extends the living space outdoors. Coastal North Carolina offers plenty of porch-worthy days throughout the year. The outdoor amenities go on: outside shower, private bedroom deck, patio and trellis, and community pool and tennis courts. 

    Inside, plenty of windows let natural light stream through all of the living spaces. The neutral gray paint and flooring are ideal for matching your furnishings. Camp Lejeune is just 16 miles away. The location is the best of both worlds: a quick commute and a beach lifestyle. 

    Want more information and home photos for this rental? Click the listing above.

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    What to Know About Buying a Beach Home Near Camp Lejeune 

    Do we really need to list the “whys” of buying a beach home? Of course, the reasons are compelling and self-explanatory, but here’s a list of rationale people use to buy a house near the beach.

    • Excellent return on investment for a future sale.
    • Potential for rental income that pays the mortgage faster. 
    • Retirement income. 
    • You’ve always dreamed of living among the sun, surf, and sand, and everything else related to beach culture. Plus, you love house guests!

    Camp Lejeune beach homePaying for Your Beach Home

    You’re well aware you’ll pay premium prices for a beach home (don’t forget beach towns regularly have higher taxes), which is why you’re first consideration is likely checking into your VA Loan benefit. VA Loans traditionally offer favorable rates to servicemembers and veterans. 

    But did you know to take advantage of your VA Loan, you have to live in the house as a primary residence for 12 months in most circumstances? If you’re thinking about buying a house with rental potential, keep this timeline in mind.

    If you’re a first-time home buyer and want to learn more about the VA Loan, check out these resources.


    Flood and Water Damage Insurance

    You’ll also want to account for whether or not you use a VA Loan; mortgage lenders require flood insurance, which could be a hefty sum every year. The reason, of course, is the regular potential from coastal flooding and the increased chances of hurricane strikes. According to FloodSmart.gov, there’s at least a one in four chance of flooding in high-risk beach areas during a 30-year mortgage.

    You'll need flood insurance for a waterfront home. Gene Gallin via Unsplash

    Value Penguin and Lending Tree report that, on average, flood insurance for North Carolina homeowners is $718 per year. However, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) regulates the prices against the location of the flood zone the property is in—your premiums could be much higher or lower depending on the flooding risk. 

    Home renters, take note, as traditional renters insurance does not cover flood damage to your personal property. For specifics (you might have coverage for storm damage), check your current renters insurance policy. You’ll probably need to look into a flood endorsement or separate flood insurance policy through the Nation Flood Insurance Program. 

    Beach, Sunrise, Emerald Isle, North Carolina, OceanStevenofstonehenge via Pixabay


    What to Know About the “Everyday” Beach Lifestyle

    Yes, you’ll be drenched in gorgeous sunrises and sunsets each day and probably have access to the best seafood you’ll ever eat, but there are some practical matters to point out when thinking of buying a home near the beach. 

    • Sand. You’ll never win the war, but you can win the daily battle by sweeping. So get used to sand in your laundry and on the floors, basically everywhere. 
    • Rust. It’s just chemistry. Salty water and air combine to form rust wherever possible: garage doors, house exteriors, and cars. You’ll have to keep these types of maintenance costs in your upkeep budget. 
    • Beach access. It’s imperative to know the precise perimeters of the land you’ve purchased and how you can enforce trespassing laws. Work with a real estate agent and attorney who specialize in selling waterfront properties to protect your purchase as much as possible. 
    • Erosion. It’s going to eat away at your property lines. Work with local erosion professionals to investigate mitigation measures. 
    • Invited and uninvited guests. Factor in the amount of family and friends you’ll entertain. It can be costly to host regularly. 

    So, what do you think? Still interested in the beach lifestyle near Camp Lejeune? There’s a lot to think about, from finances to hurricanes, but for most beach house dwellers, there’s always more to love about living near the beach than not.

    Keep checking MilitaryByOwner’s Camp Lejeune housing inventory; we regularly post new homes!

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    Beach Living near Camp Lejeune

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