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    5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

    Can you believe that Halloween is nearly here? With the holidays approaching, the kids busy with school, and the demands of extracurricular activities, life is forging full-speed ahead. So it’s no surprise if this spooky, sugary holiday snuck up on you. It did me! But, that’s no excuse to fall short.

    Whether you're new to the neighborhood or have been around a while, toss up some cobwebs, buy some candy (or toys if you’re an allergy-friendly home), and let's craft a costume for your little one!

    Creating a DIY Halloween costume doesn’t have to be overwhelming or left for only the craftiest of us. I prefer to look at it as an inexpensive, quick solution to getting your kids trick-or-treat ready.

    5 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas Your Kids Will Love

    1) Bunch of Grapes

    Bunch of Grapes halloween costume for kidsPhoto by @caitlinteague. Used with permission.

    Is there anything cuter than a bundle of grapes with your mini-me's face peering out at you? Probably not. Plus, it fits all the DIY categories.

    Inexpensive. Grab a bag of purple or green balloons, similarly colored clothing, a few green leaves, and you’ve got everything you need to turn your child into a sweet bunch of grapes.

    Quick to make. How long does it take to blow up a bag of balloons? Probably longer than you’d like to spend breathing air into latex, but all things considered not very long!

    Fun for kids. I don’t know about your kids, but mine love balloons. And if I had to guess, I’d say that yours does, too. Fastening balloons to their comfy clothes is probably going to feel more like a treat than if you were to put them into a store-bought costume. We all know how finicky little ones can be!

    Family-friendly. Looking for a quick fix for the whole family? This costume is the perfect solution. Dress everyone up in different colored balloons and head door-to-door as a family of grapes.

    2) Little Scuba Diver

    AFM ScubaCostume for kids

    If you’re a family of avid scuba divers than this costume is just perfect for you. And if you’re not, then you’ll probably still think it’s adorable—I know I do! All it takes is a switch of colors to make this amazing DIY costume perfect for girl or boy.

    Inexpensive. With only a dozen supplies (some of which you may already have laying around your house), it's far less expensive to make this costume than to buy most.

    Quick to make. Venture over to Artsy-Fartsy Mama to see how Lindsay made this unforgettable DIY costume. And, if you have a few extra minutes, be sure to explore her site where you’ll find all kinds of kids crafts, tutorials, and recipes—trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

    Fun for kids. We all know how eager our kids are to play with mommy and daddy’s stuff. Let your child pretend to be just like you for the night with their very own scuba gear that they can play with (and not run the risk of causing damage to your expensive gear).

    3) Jellyfish

    Jellyfish Halloween costume for kids

    Photo by @olaharika. Used with permission.

    Have you ever seen a jellyfish this cute before? Go all out with frills and tutus for your little girl or keep it more simple for your boys. I’ve seen this costume done both ways!

    Inexpensive. Grab an umbrella, construction paper, a tutu, streamers, and LED lights (if you want to make it light up), and you'll have what you need to make your little jellyfish.

    Fun for kids. Just imagine how fun your little girl will have twirling her tutu and umbrella all night. If you’re concerned about them holding the umbrella, head to Pinterest where you can find hands-free options for this costume as well.

    Family-friendly. You could easily turn this fun idea into a family-wide costume!

    4) Gumball Machine

    Gumball Machine

    Photo from 'A Casarella. Used with permission.

    How many times have your kids asked you for a quarter for the gumball machine? There aren’t many around anymore. But chances are, you know one that’s still standing! Feed your kid’s obsession and let them be cutest gumball machine anyone has seen this Halloween.

    Inexpensive. Take a quick trip to the local craft store, gather a few things you probably already have in the house, and you’ll have what you need to create this fun Halloween costume.

    Quick to make. For a detailed how-to, be sure to visit ‘A Casarella where you’ll find the mama and creator of this costume along with an awesome tutorial. Scroll a little further, and you’ll find a couple other masterful creations Elena made!

    Fun for kids. Cute and comfy to wear, this costume is sure to be a fan favorite among your kids.

    5. Inside Out 

    Inside OutPhoto from @irenecolephotography. Used with permission.

    Bring your kids’ favorite characters to life with this Halloween costume!

    Inexpensive. Make sure to have a wig or two, some face paint, correct colored clothing, a hamster ball, and some LED lights, and you’ve got everything you need to make this festive costume come to life.

    Quick to make. You’ll have the whole family ready to trick-or-treat in the amount of time it takes to paint your face blue.

    Fun for kids. Have you ever met a child that doesn’t want to dress up like a character from their favorite movie with their mom and dad?

    It's not too late to get your kids ready to trick or treat. With these easy DIY Halloween costumes, your little will be ready for a night of fun and look adorable! 

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    5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes


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