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    6 Home Decor Trends to Embrace for Under $100

    Beat the last blast of winter blues by updating your home with an inexpensive, DIY project. For under $100, you can revamp your kitchen countertops, change the color of that fifth wall, and add a few pieces of furniture to take you back to a simpler time.

    Take your pick and make the most of the last few weeks of indoor dwelling, because spring is just around the corner and it’ll be time for deep cleaning and a total home décor refresh to welcome the warmer months.

    On base residents and renters—these modest upgrades could work for you, too! Just look for the temporary options or consult with the homeowners for permanent changes. You might just get what you ask for!

    Home decor trends under $100. Affordable Home Decorating Trends in Nostalgia

    All the rage with Millennials, minimalism décor is still going strong, but the trend is taking different spins from the Mid-Century Modern movement so often associated with minimalism. If simplicity is your style, but you want to try a different twist, incorporate pieces from these two very different takes on paring down.

    1) Shaker Style

    Add simple Shaker pieces to your home. via Flickr user Carl Wycoff

    At first thought, you might conjure images of woven baskets and rustic kitchens, but adding a touch of Shaker style in your home--or removing an overabundance of items--can come from many other objects. With a focus on functionality with little to no attention to adornment, the Shakers produced furniture with simple lines, and their designs often were intended to serve multiple purposes.

    The Shakers are known as some of the first minimalists. Their way of life was devoted to religious observances and the call to a humble but mindful lifestyle. Iconic furniture associated with the Shakers include ladder back chairs and oval wicker boxes and baskets. Look alike products can be found for a bargain at major retailers and estate sales.

    2) Scandinavian Style

    Scandanavian touches are easy to add to your home decor.

    Scandinavians embrace simplicity, but also acknowledge the need to bring the outside in because of their long, dark, days. Warm, but bright white interiors are very common with accents of their iconic blue color. Natural materials, pale colors, and minimalist shapes also take precedence in Scandinavian minimalism.

    Bleached or natural wood tones found especially in flooring, communal spaces, and plenty of natural light are hallmarks of the style and easily incorporated into your own home. Surely you know by now, Ikea is the place to find Scandinavian inspired furniture and décor.

    If you’re just absolutely over anything remotely related to minimalism, check out this sumptuous blog about New Victorian design.

    3) Statement Ceiling

    Add a punch of color with ceiling paint. via Flickr user Lake Lou 

    Have you pondered the color of your ceiling? We know that standard white works for many reasons: to lighten a room or trick the eye to make the ceiling height seem taller. But if it’s a touch of color that will make your room shine, consider a subtle shade up high. Paint is an inexpensive update perfect for any room, or even porch.

    There’s a old Southern tradition to paint the ceiling of a porch a light blue. The soft blue-green is referred to as Haint Blue. The hue is legendary in the South for its powers to protect the home from Haints, or evil spirits, that have not moved on from the physical world. It's common for doors and window frames to don the color as well.

    A strong color statement on a ceiling might seem a bit over the top. Ostentatious ceilings definitely come from wealthy roots. Just look back in history and see how rich homeowners tried to show off their money and status in society by dressing the ceiling.

    Done well, a ceiling color can detract from or camouflage other features in the room that are less pleasing to the eye. Because paint is accessible and correctable, your creative license can expand into the direction of bold color, graphic design, or even peel and stick wall paper.

    Low Cost Kitchen Upgrades

    4) Countertops

    Updating countertops is an easy fix.

    Old, outdated countertops are an eyesore that most homeowners just can’t see past. The budget might not be available for high-end options like quartz or marble, but look-alike versions are as close as an online order. The technology found at Stone Coat Counter Tops grants the update your looking for, and buys more time before the desired stone slab can be installed.

    The company offers several tutorials for techniques that replicate the many looks of marble, granite, sandstone, quartz, concrete, and more. The epoxy formula works on laminate, wood, and other natural surfaces.

    5) Backsplash

    Change out your backsplash for an updated look. Example of glass backsplash from Discount Glass & Mirror.

    There’s an effective, but cost conscience way to add some personality and function to an outdated kitchen. A sheet of decorative glass installed either to the full height of the backsplash or just a portion of the way up shows a little shine. The back side of the glass is painted with a complementary color to the overall kitchen, or clear glass installed over wallpaper protects and enhances the paper’s pattern. The glass is low maintenance and easy to clean.

    There are three different ways you can achieve the look: a DIY project, hiring a contractor, or ordering from a company that specializes in glass backsplashes.

    6) Refrigerator Door

    Cover an ugly refrigerator door with patterned wallpaper. Example of wallpaper covered fridge from DIYNetwork.com. 

    Is your rental refrigerator of the ugly variety? Yellow, avocado, or an off-putting brown color? Your landlord probably won’t want to replace it if it's still functioning. Really, sometimes they don’t make refrigerators like they used to; they just look bad!

    There are a couple of solutions. The most economical and least time consuming is to find an amazing print on removable wallpaper. The rolls are very affordable and the quality of the products have dramatically increased from the days of using contact paper. There are many more choices and colors available.

    If a DIY project sounds like a good way to pass colder days, a beadboard fridge facelift might cure your need for a cottage inspired kitchen. The beadboard panels, molding, glue and decorative hardware will set you back less than $100, but this a permanent fix, so no regrets!

    With spring and summer months upon us, you’ll likely feel the pull to freshen up your space. One of these bargain fixes should provide inspiration to make a change. MilitaryByOwner’s decorating collection offers advice on paint colors, wood flooring choices, and even furniture styles. Stop by to read up on the best ways to update your home or rental property.

    Click below to download quick decorating tips. 

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