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    Top 7 Things Military Families Love About Fort Hood, Texas

    If you’re looking for help with a PCS move to Fort Hood, Texas (or just curious about what the hype is about), you’re in the right spot!

    MilitaryByOwner has extensive resources to help you learn about the base, the surrounding cities, and how to find a home. So, get excited about your move and read about the top seven things military families love about Fort Hood.

    mounted troops at Fort Hood Photo from Fort Hood Army.mil

    1) Fort Hood’s Location

    Fort Hood’s location in the Texas Hill Country is a coveted destination, not only because of its legendary spring wildflower fields and access to year-round outdoor activities but because of its central location to nearby travel destinations. Take a look at the choices. 

    • Austin: 1 hour 
      Listen to world-class music acts and eat world-class food.
    • Dallas: 2.5 hours
      Catch a Cowboys game or check out the aquarium and zoo.
    • San Antonio: 2.5 hours
      The Alamo and Riverwalk are calling. Stay overnight to dine, shop, and explore. 
    • Houston: 3 hours
      All things NASA. 
    • Galveston: 4 hours 
      Get your beach fix or plan a cruise from the busy port. 

    bluebonnets in the hill country of texasImage from Canva

    2) Cities Near Fort Hood

    As big as the base is, not everyone can live there, so you’ll have to consider living nearby. There are several in-demand locations to choose from, depending on which perks you prefer. Want a quick commute? Try Killeen. Prefer a place closer to Austin? Check out Georgetown, Round Rock, Leander, or Cedar Park. 

    These are other cities military families choose. 

    Welcome to Killeen signImage from the City of Killeen

    3) Fort Hood Cost of Living

    For some military families moving to Fort Hood, there could be significant savings in the cost of living. Use Killeen as an example against the national average for everyday expenses. 

    • The cost of living is 9% lower. 
    • Housing expenses are 21% lower.
    • Transportation expenses like gas prices are 4% lower. 

    If you’re headed to Fort Hood, you can use a cost of living calculator to help you create a budget. Don’t forget to check your updated BAH rates too. 

    Want to take advantage of Fort Hood’s affordability? Read over Should You Invest in a Rental Property Near Fort Hood? to help you decide. 

    barbecue ribs on a plateImage from Canva

    4) Food and Shopping Amenities 

    Killeen and the surrounding cities have everything you need in big box stores and everyday dining essentials, but you’ll also find the specialties that Texans crave when they leave Fort Hood. You’ll undoubtedly hear about and grow to love:

    • The grocery store H-E-B. It has a cult following and highly loyal customers. 
    • Texas BBQ is everywhere. You can try somewhere different each weekend.
    • Tex-Mex fare is legendary, including tasty breakfast tacos and kolaches (sweet and savory pastries). Most newcomers head to Shipley Do-Nuts for their first taste. 
    • Drive through daiquiri bars. Enough said. 

    Plan your weekends around the Top 10 BBQ Spots Near Fort Hood.

    View Fort Hood Area Homes for Sale or Rent

    5) Fort Hood Weather

    Sun and heat worshippers thrive while living near Fort Hood. It does cool off somewhat in the fall and winter, but spring is short and summer is long, so don’t forget to plan for sunscreen and plenty of water access. Find your closest pools and water parks to help keep the heat in check.

    Average temperatures: 

    • January: 59° / 40°
    • April: 79° / 55°
    • August:  95° / 76°
    • November: 69° / 51°

    Apache Arts and CraftsImage from Fort Hood MWR

    6) Fort Hood Activities

    Since Fort Hood is one of the military’s biggest installations and has one of the largest populations, the base has abundant things to do. Whether it's a daily offering like story time at the library or a special event, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Make sure you stay current with Fort Hood’s MWR for updated schedules.  

    • Community events and bingo center
    • Community pools and gyms
    • ATV park
    • Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area
    • The Courses of Clear Creek
    • Paintball course
    • Sportsmen’s Center
    • Apache Arts and Crafts Center
    • Phantom Warrior Lanes Bowling Center

    Here’s even more to try: 12 Family-Friendly Outings Near Killeen, Texas.

    wood stump with axesImage from Axed Out Texas

    7) Things to Do Near Fort Hood

    After unpacking and settling in, you’ll want to get to know the area better. Start by taking advantage of the season and enjoy what activity is available, like hiking or golfing in the spring and winter and water sports in the summer. Although plentiful, you’re not restricted to outdoor activities, so take a look at these fun-for-everyone options. 

    • Central Texas Theatre
    • Altitude Trampoline Park
    • Axed Out Texas
    • Topsey Exotic Ranch
    • Temple Lake Park
    • Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area
    • Mayborn Science Theater
    • The Gault Archaeological Site
    • National Mounted Warrior Museum
    • Stillhouse Hollow Park
    • The Andy K. Wells Hike and Bike Trail
    • Rodeo Killeen
    • Killeen Amphitheater

    So many military families love “The Great Place” and often request extensions or a return PCS. Between Fort Hood’s extensive services and the surrounding cities’ amenities, you can find everything you need. If you’d like current residents’ advice and tips, add yourself to the many Facebook pages (MilitaryByOwner powers the Military PCS Group) and other online groups focused on Fort Hood. You’ll get the insider information you need in no time. 

    Want even more info? Take a look at more local information to help you transition to the Lone Star State and download our free resource below!

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    What Military Families Love About Fort Hood

    Dawn M. Smith


    Dawn M. Smith

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