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    Why Real Estate Agents Should Advertise on MilitaryByOwner [Infographic]

    Military families have already discovered MilitaryByOwner's advertising effectiveness and dedication to the community as a whole and use our site to sell, rent, or find a home. As an agent, you’ll find through your use of the site its simplicity and effectiveness in reaching your target market.

    In addition to its ease of use, MilitaryByOwner does not restrict who can advertise with them. Some assume you must be active or retired military to list property when, in fact, you do not. The only criteria to list on the site is a need to sell or rent your home near a military installation. 

    There are many reasons why homeowners and real estate companies have been using MilitaryByOwner for years, and here’s why you should, too.

    Why Real Estate Agents Should Advertise on MilitaryByOwner


    2018 MBO ADVERTISING - REAL ESTATE AGENTS WELCOME!Easy to Use and Inexpensive

    First of all, MilitaryByOwner is easy to use. Not only does the site walk you through creating an advertisementtutorials for frequently answered questions and our customer service team are available to help you with anything you may need.

    Secondly, your home advertisements will be linked to your business advertisement on the site. Just by reading your profile information, viewers will be able to access each of your property listings.

    Lastly, the rate of just $79.99 for our Home Tour Plus package includes 40 photos of the property for up to 180 days. Yes, that's only $2.25 a day to get incredible advertisement in the military community.

    High Volume

    With approximately 15,000 viewers a day, you can be sure MilitaryByOwner reaches a great deal of people. Every military family I talk to about moving start their search here. In fact, our current landlords mentioned to me, “We advertise with MilitaryByOwner because of the good market coverage and ad responsiveness.”

    MilitaryByOwner even has an iPhone app to make searching for property even easier. When my family prepares to move, I check the site at least once a day. Why? Because it is free for home searching users and new properties are always showing up. In fact, users do not need to register to search the site, although a profile may be established to save listings they find appealing.

    The military community itself is a goldmine of real estate opportunities. Here are the reasons why.  

    High turnover rate, but not in a bad way.

    High turnovers usually means bad business. If a business cannot keep employees long term, there is typically something wrong with the business or the industry and you may want to stay away. In this case, however, a high turnover rate actually allows for more deals to be closed, more money to be made, and here’s why.

    Most military assignments last for about two to three years. Regardless of time there, be comforted in knowing that if someone is leaving, someone else is moving in. Always. Thankfully, there is always a military family in need of housing. This assists the landlord or agent in keeping the property occupied.

    Military moves are usually predictable.

    If you follow MilitaryByOwner's blog or other military publications, you will know when moving season is approaching.

    Each spring to early summer is what we like to call Permanent Change of Station season, or PCS season. It's the time of year when families start acting on the military orders they received and begin preparing for their next move. This process includes listing their current home for sale or rent and looking for a house at their new duty station to buy or rent.

    Though most moves occur during this time, many military families still move outside of the season--especially those near bases strictly for training purposes. Most moves, however, will be predictable and easy for you to prepare for.

    Low risk, high gain.

    Advertising within the military community makes for low risk tenants.

    Unlike many of the stresses you face for choosing the wrong tenant, you don't have to worry about insufficient funds for rent payments. Military service members are given a housing allowance each month, in addition to their base pay. Not only are you aware that it's there, but you can verify the allowance for yourself. In fact, a simple MyPay pay stub will both show your applicant's income, as well as verify they are a member of the active service.

    If you know your military applicant's branch and rank, you can see their monthly housing allowance and income online. It is public knowledge.

    Responsible tenants.

    Military service members and their families are your ideal tenants!

    I've met numerous owners who rent only to military because of their reliability. Our current landlords “prefer to rent to military families because they tend to be very responsible tenants and typically know their stay duration.” They also “enjoy providing first preference to those who serve our country.” We certainly do appreciate it!

    Ultimately, posting with MilitaryByOwner Advertising is both beneficial to those looking to rent/sell new property, and those trying to lease or sell theirs, civilian and military both. Here’s how to get started with your new listing.

    MilitaryByOwner has been serving the military community's advertising needs for over 16 years. During this time, we have assisted military families and their military communities advertise hundreds of thousands of properties.

    Here's a recent testimonial from an enthusiastic customer:

    We advertised on other sites and had no activity for months. I put my house on militarybyowner.com and that first weekend I had 6 families see my home, and I sold it that weekend! -Jennifer

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