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    Best Things to Do Near MCB Quantico, Virginia

    Have you been stationed at Quantico? If you’re a Marine, chances are, you probably have!

    MCB Quantico, Virginia, is home to a number of units and training programs that make it kind of a “home” to Marines. At one point or another, it is highly likely that you’ll enjoy a tour here. And what better place? Though the woods might bring up memories of night navigation, the quantity (not to mention quality) of things to do here with your free time is phenomenal. 

    1) Travel Back in Time

    You’ll have a tough time living somewhere with a more historical presence than Quantico. Located where our nation spent many of its formative years, this region is rich in history, allowing you to explore, learn, and feel up close and personal with our nation’s past. 

    National_Museum_of_the_Marine_Corps_entrancePhoto by Marcus Qwertyus

    • National Museum of the Marine Corps. There’s no better place to understand Marines than at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Full of artifacts, educated personnel on-site, and the Legacy Walk that weaves through the exhibits narrating the Marines more than 200 years of involvement in our nation’s history. The Legacy Walk is a written timeline that is undoubtedly the best part for those needing to bridge the gap between textbook and hands-on learning. And when you need a break--which you probably will because it’s a lot to absorb--chow down on some beer-battered mozzarella sticks at the Tun Tavern, the birthplace of the Marines. 
    • Downtown Quantico. The little town of Quantico is nestled in on the Mainside of MCB Quantico. Its history dates as far back to 1654 when land patents were given out to English settlers, and its role in our nation’s history continued through the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. Because of the location, Quantico has caught glimpses of history since then and has become the “home base” for Marines. The friendly people, beautiful architecture, and humble businesses make this small community surrounded by noble Marines quite charming. 
    • Mount Vernon. Travel back to the start of our nation with a visit to Mount Vernon. It’s here that you can learn all about the Founding Father who served as the First President of the United States. Tour the Washington’s mansion, then take your exploration to the blacksmith shop, smokehouse, stable, spinning house, and more.
    • Manassas National Battlefield Park. Where history and outdoor exploration meet, Manassas National Battlefield Park provides the opportunity to hike the grounds where not one but two southern victories took place and tested the northern resolve during the Civil War. 

    Get more ideas! The Best Historical Sites to Visit Near MCB Quantico.

    2) Explore the Outdoors

    With a backdrop so beautiful, how could you not want to get outside and breathe in the fresh air? 

    Explore the outdoors near Quantico, VA. Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

    • Leesylvania State Park. Situated on the tidal shores of the Potomac, the historical Leesylvania State Park is the perfect place to satisfy your outdoorsy side. Explore on foot along the numerous hiking trails or head for the water. Though swimming is not permitted, kayaking, boating, and fishing are! And if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to sail, go for it. With the Northern Virginia Sailing School on site, it’s the perfect place to learn. 
    • Prince William Forest. If you’re looking for quiet away from the day-to-day hustle and bustle, Prince William Forest is your destination. Spend the day hiking trails, like the Laurel Loop, within the enormous wooded stretch. Or, if you need to unplug for a little longer, sign yourself up for a weekend retreat with a stay in a historic cabin. If you have kids, encourage their love for the outdoors with the Junior Ranger course where they’ll complete a booklet of activities to earn their badge of honor.
    • Mainside Trails. Want to venture outside without getting caught in NOVA traffic? Mainside Quantico has a handful of hiking trails to explore. 
    • Government Island. Located just south of Quantico is Government Island in Stafford — a historic 18th and 19th quarry site. Today, this 17-acre wilderness area is a beautiful nature preserve where you can observe wildlife as you walk this scenic heritage trail. 

    Want to venture even further? Check out 5 Easy Day Trips from Quantico. 

    3) Take Your Taste Buds for a Ride

    One of the best parts of moving to a new duty station is exploring the local food. If you've just moved, the lack of household goods is the perfect excuse to venture out during mealtimes!

    Explore restaurants near Quantico. Photo by Creative Headline on Unsplash

    • S & G Restaurant. This little American restaurant is a favorite in the area. Located in charming downtown Quantico, it’s the perfect place to grab a quick bite before hopping on the train or running your next errand. 
    • Bap Zip Burrito House. Craving some fresh, homemade Mexican food? This eatery is all about high-quality. Stuff a tortilla full of all your favorite flavors, or order a plate of tacos. There’s no bad decision here!  
    • Montclair Family Restaurant. Looking for a home-cooked meal without the cooking part? Head to Dumfries where you’ll find this adorable place to dine. From your favorite breakfast dish to a comfort food classic, chicken fried steak, and yummy Greek dishes, this restaurant will leave your belly feeling satisfied. 

    Just by looking at the map, you know that this area hosts endless adventures. With Fredricksburg just to the south and Alexandria, D.C., and Baltimore a few miles north, there’s no end to what you can do here. History buffs, outdoor adventurers, foodies, and city-lovers live in perfect harmony here.

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    Danielle Keech

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