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    Financial Help for Military Families Affected By the Coronavirus

    Along with the rest of the world, military families continue to adapt to a new normal as the coronavirus pandemic and the changes that come with it seem to change from day to day. We all have questions like: 

    Should I wear a face mask at the grocery store? What’s considered an essential business? How long will stay at home orders and social distancing go on? When will my kids go back to school??

    Beyond those worries, many military families are facing financial hardships as the quarantines go on. Military spouses are being furloughed or let go from their jobs, while other families have been caught mid-PCS and face extra expenses as their lives are put on hold. 

    Each of the service branch military relief societies offers help and support for military families. This week, we’re highlighting these organizations and providing their information should you be facing a need in your own family. These services range from no-interest loans, grants, and payment of temporary lodging and rent to many other resources. Check with your specific service branch relief organization to learn more specifics.

    Financial Help Is Available for Military Families Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Financial Help for Military Families Affected by the Coronavirus (1)

    Air Force Aid Society

    The AFAS remains flexible and ready to help during the coronavirus pandemic. Every base’s AFRC (Airman & Family Readiness Center) has an AFAS rep who handles requests for assistance. 

    ‘Every A&FRC has Emergency Essential (EE) employees, including a representative, qualified to administer Air Force Aid, who are prepared to meet the needs of AF members and families. These employees will be on the list of EE personnel positioned to conduct business even if the base is “shut down”.’

    Army Emergency Relief 

    Offering over 30 categories of assistance, including help with rent, utilities, temporary lodging, healthcare, special needs medical equipment more, their message to service members with questions is, “just ask!” In addition to their normal AER request process, they’ve set up an online process for those unable to meet in person. 

    Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

    Specific Coronavirus assistance includes loans of up to $6,000 if the spouse loses his or her job as a result of closures or shutdowns, childcare costs due to school closings, and help for members under quarantine. The CGMA has also authorized an online process. See CGMA’s Coronavirus Assistance guidelines. 

    Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

    Offering quick assist loans, help with emergency travel, and repayment deferrals, the NMCRS is offering its traditional avenues of help, along with flexibility for those in quarantine or home isolation. Learn more about the NMCRS COVID-19 response. 

    American Red Cross

    If you’re in need of financial help and aren’t near a military base, contact the American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces at 877-272-7337 or visit the ARC website. The American Red Cross facilitates emergency financial assistance on behalf of Military Aid Societies.

    Get more information about COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its effect on military life: 

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