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While stationed in Guam, our family of six took the opportunity to travel "Space-A" (Space Available) several times. Strapped into the cargo hold of a noisy, cold C-17 was quite the aventure for our young children. And while it wasn't necessarily an easy or convenient experience for the adults involved, the price was certainly right!  

Have you traveled Space-A? If so, then you know there are lots of steps leading up to a successful flight. If you haven't yet forayed into the world of Space-A Travel, then you may be wondering what it's all about.

Either way, MilitaryByOwner has got you covered with loads of resources for your military family's travels!

How Space-A Travel Works

Space-A Travel is a privilege extended to service members and certain other categories (dependents, retirees) for military flights with extra seats open, i.e. "space available." While the flight is free, as with all things military related, there are certain requirements and paperwork you'll need to complete in advance. 

As noted in our newest ebook, Guide to Military Family Travel, Space-A is inexpensive but only works if you have some flexibility with your travel dates. MilitaryByOwner's post "Space-A Travel Tips" suggests starting with these sites to familiarize yourself with the process.  

Next, download and save this handy checklist!


Have you traveled Space-A? How was your experience? We'd love to hear YOUR tips and tricks!

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