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    12 Summer Activities for the Whole Family Near Camp Pendleton

    The first thing most of us want to know when we’re headed to a new duty station is, what is there to do nearby? We want to know what life is going to look like. Will it take every ounce of our creativity to entertain the kids or are there attractions to explore together as a family?

    If you’re off to Camp Pendleton, then great news, as there’s so much to do. Date nights for you and your spouse, brunch with friends, and adventures for the whole family. It’s an incredibly diverse area geared toward all ages, and you won’t find yourself bored!

    12 Ideas for Summer Fun Near Camp Pendleton

    12 Summer Activities for the Whole Family Near Camp Pendleton

    1) Stepp Stables - Camp Pendleton

    Take a ride or sign  kids up for horseback riding lessons right on Camp Pendleton! Enjoy a casual group setting or book your own private trail experience for a quieter, more intimate adventure through nature.

    2) iFLY Indoor Skydiving - Oceanside

    Actual skydiving might not make the best family-friendly adventure, so head to iFLY  for a thrill second only to the real thing.

    3) Mainstreet Oceanside Sunset Farmers’ Market - Oceanside

    Stay close to Camp Pendleton for the Sunset Farmers’ Market, where over 200 vendors gather every Thursday to provide yummy food, live entertainment, and shopping. And don’t miss Dorothy’s KidZone where your littles can try their hand at a variety of fun activities!

    Oceanside pierImage via Visit Oceanside

    4) Oceanside Pier - Oceanside

    Dig your toes in the sand and let your kids play on the beach playground. Then head out onto the historic pier for an incredible view of the ocean, watch surfers, and sit down for dinner at the famous Ruby’s Diner.

    5) Legoland - Carlsbad

    This theme park is sure to be a family favorite. Let the kids meet some of their favorite characters, and then cool off at the waterpark, let loose at the Duplo playtown, and explore the Sea Life Aquarium!   

    6) SeaWorld - San Diego

    Show up for a little bit of everything at SeaWorld. With roller coasters, live shows, parades, and a ton of oceanic animals to watch, this stop is sure to make an impression on the whole family.

    Plus, SeaWorld allows service members and three of their direct dependents one free day a year!

    San Diego Zoo

    7) San Diego Zoo & Safari Park

    “Zoo” is an understatement for these incredible attractions. Explore a more traditional zoo in the heart of San Diego or head to Escondido to venture through a more authentic representation of animals in their natural habitat at the Safari Park.

    8) Disneyland - Anaheim  

    Make their dreams (and yours) come true and take a short drive north to Anaheim where the whole family can experience the magic of Disney first hand. Ride rides, meet characters, eat food, and make memories that will last your family a lifetime!

    9) Area Beaches

    For a beautiful, fun, and free outing, head to one of the stunning beaches that line the coast of SoCal. To find the beach that’s the best fit for you and your family, check out the 10 Best MIlitary Family-Friendly Beaches Near San Diego. Spoiler alert: there might be more than one!

    10) Paintball Park - Camp Pendleton  

    Channel your inner child and take the kids to the Camp Pendleton Paintball Park. With real castles, aircraft, tanks, tiki villages, dinosaurs, and more, this 30-acre park is fun for all ages!

    California winery

    11) Wineries - Temecula

    It certainly doesn’t sound like a family-friendly activity, but one thing you might just fall in love with in Southern California is the bridged gap of adult and kids interests. Temecula is home to wineries like Miramonte Winery that offer food and live music on the weekends. With an open area covered in turf, parents sit back to enjoy a glass of wine while the kiddos run around and play with new friends.

    The same can be said for Stone Brewing in Escondido. With a beautiful bamboo garden, yummy food, and excellent beer, it’s not uncommon to see adults enjoying their beverages while their children run around socializing.

    12) Hiking

    Is there anything that screams “summer” more than getting outside and soaking up a little sunshine? Pack a lunch and venture out on one of the many kid-friendly hikes near Camp Pendleton where you can soak up gorgeous views and wear your littles out for bedtime!

    For even more ideas for family fun, take a look at 16 Free Things to Do in San Diego.

    Want to learn more about the San Diego area? Download our free Military Family Guide to San Diego and create your summer bucket list before the kids head back to school!

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