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    Veterans United

    Veterans United Home Loans believes in a multidimensional approach to offering the best customer service and maintaining their position as a leader in the VA Loan industry. They strive to be the best provider of VA mortgages, recognized as a valuable and unique resource for military homebuyers and their families, and remain an influential and inspirational figure in the community. Learn more at Veterans United.
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    May 02, 2017

    How to Reuse Your VA Home Loan Benefits

    Home Financing

    The VA loan program has made homeownership accessible to millions of Veterans and military families. Learn about reusing this benefit.

    August 23, 2016

    3 Tips for Buying a Foreclosure with Your VA Home Loan

    Home Financing

    For VA home loan buyers, purchasing a foreclosure can be challenging, but not impossible. With these tips, you could walk away with a great home at a good price.

    August 12, 2016

    VA Loans Offer Life After Foreclosure for Qualified Veterans

    Home Financing

    Is it impossible for veterans to use a VA home loan after going through foreclosure?

    November 13, 2015

    How Can I Know if I'm Ready to Buy a Home?

    Home Financing

    Understand the impact of your credit score, finances, and much more in the process of buying a home.

    July 08, 2015

    Credit Basics for VA Borrowers

    Home Buying

    Wondering if you qualify for a VA home loan? Find out guidelines and how to improve your credit score!