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    Personalize Your On-Base Housing or Rental with These Easy Decorating Ideas

    Personalizing the latest temporary home is a challenge for military families. There’s the new layout to consider, the paint colors, the rental agreement rules, and much more.

    Whether you're living in a rental home or base housing, applying your style to a space that is only yours to call home for a few years is daunting, but it can be done! 

    Use these easy home decorating ideas to put a personal stamp on your rental or base housing.

    Seek Professionals in the Know

    Fortunately, there are military spouses out there who have the gift of “Making Temporary Feel Permanent.” This is a perfectly accurate tagline from Brianna Beninati’s website, Based In Design. Brianna offers virtual interior design and decorating consultations for military clients across the world. 

    Because of her military spouse experience, Brianna knows just how intimidating and budget-busting moving regularly from rental to rental can be. She advises that turning a house into a home takes a certain knack—transforming bare walls and beige carpeting into a signature and warm place that feels like home is an art. 


    Do bare walls and beige carpeting sound familiar? It’s the plight of military renters everywhere, but take a look at some of Brianna’s work. She’ll inspire your creativity!

    No doubt, talented professionals like Brianna can turn your blank home into a signature space of your own quickly and according to your budget, but what if you’re a DIY kind of person and decorating is a beloved pastime? Your out-of-date house may be a welcome challenge to overcome!



    Although decorating hobbyists at heart and not professionals, these military spouses absolutely know how to create their version of home in rental properties. Their Facebook groups are the reigning leaders in showcasing military housing style. When reading the posts, you’ll notice they often share unique design tips for base-specific floor plans. Take a look at: 


    Try These Easy Home Decorating Projects

    1) Small touches of paint can add up to a huge difference. 

    If painting an entire room is unmanageable, pick a small but impactful project. A ceiling color other than white is an unexpected but effective technique for introducing character into a room. Pantry doors in the kitchen are also a perfect place for a bit of color.

    Feeling ambitious and want to go big with paint? Here’s how with 3 Big Ideas to Decorate Those Large Blank Walls

    Painting walls can make a big difference in military housingImage from Adobe

    2) Wallpaper is not just for your grandmother. 

    Easy Change Wallpaper by Sherwin Williams is ideal for those who need a simple decorating project to shore up their decorating confidence. The paper is simple to install, remove, and clean. Designs come in eight genres, like Coastal Cool, to suit your preferences. 

    Stick and peel wallpaper makes for an easy update in a rental or military housing. Image from Adobe

    3) You can even update tile!

    Rentals often have outdated tile. Updating backsplashes will instantly renew the whole feel of the kitchen. Smart Tiles are removable and self-sticking tiles that renters adore, especially because they are suited for a bathroom’s humidity. Instant refresh!

    Kitchen with farmhouse sink and round table.jpegImage from Shutterstock

    4) Accessorize.

    Accessories go a long way in a neutrally painted home. If painting is prohibited, the next best way to bring color into the house is through rugs and color statement lamps. They break the monotony of beige and show off a little bit of personality. For the ultimate in personalization, add monograms or the family’s last initial to pillows or other decorative elements.

    Quick and Easy Tips for Decorating Military Housing suggests more ways to accessorize your home on a budget.

    AdobeStock_58962121.jpegImage from Adobe

    5) Take advantage of awkward spaces.   

    The thing with renting a house is that you really don’t know what you’re going to get until you’ve moved in and lived with the space for a while. Assuming an awkward corner or angle in a room is unusable could be a wasted opportunity. Today, every inch of a home is essential, and creatively using non-traditional spaces yields room for home offices, storage, and reading getaways. 

    If you have an area that could use some love, read 8 Decorating Tricks for Awkward Spaces for inspiration. 

    Rentals or base housing don't have to be intimidating or plain for two or three years! Experts with real military life experience are available for hire, and decorating projects for even the newest DIY'ers are more accessible than ever.

    MilitaryByOwner also has a deep collection of decorating ideas for temporary housing. Pick a project and get started!

    Main image from Kam Idris on Unsplash.

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    Dawn M. Smith

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