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    January 04, 2024

    12 Facts You Didn't Know About Alexandria, Virginia

    Military Life

    Even if you've been in Alexandria, VA for a while, there's always something new to learn! Test your knowledge with these fun and historical facts.

    December 21, 2023

    NORAD Tracks Santa in Timeless Holiday Tradition

    Military Life

    What started as a typo turned into one of the Department of Defense's largest community outreach programs! Learn more about the history behind NORAD's Santa tracker and then gather up the kids for thi...

    December 20, 2023

    Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

    Military Life

    While unpacking holiday goodies and decking the halls for the season, it’s a good idea to keep the pets in your household in mind. From curious cats to prying pups, we're sharing a handy list of tips ...

    December 19, 2023

    Make the Holidays Your Own at an Overseas Duty Station

    Military Life

    Living overseas during the holidays doesn't have to be a sad time. Embrace the cultural and travel opportunities right at your doorstep!

    December 18, 2023

    5 Don't-Miss Holiday Activities for Military Families in Europe

    Military Life

    Whether you're a seasoned traveler or enjoying your first holiday season overseas, you'll find so much to see and do while you're stationed in Europe! Start with this curated list of must-try activiti...

    December 16, 2023

    7 Unique & Budget-Friendly Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

    Military Life

    Ditch the bottle of wine this year and try one of these unique, easy, and budget-conscious holiday hostess gift ideas instead!

    December 13, 2023

    Where to Celebrate the Winter Holidays on Oahu

    Military Life

    Stationed at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, MCB Hawaii, or another military base in Hawaii? Discover the best places to celebrate the winter holidays on Oahu, Hawaii!

    December 10, 2023

    7 Money-Saving Tips for the Holidays Whether You Travel or Stay Home

    Military Life

    With day-on, day-off schedules, use-or-lose leave, and of course, the December holidays, year-end would be the perfect time for military family travel...if only it weren’t so expensive. Fortunately, t...

    December 09, 2023

    Your Holiday Gift Guide, Military Style!

    Military Life

    Discover the perfect holiday gifts that support veteran and military spouse-owned businesses. From sustainable toys to delicious treats, these unique gifts give back and make a meaningful impact. Supp...

    December 05, 2023

    Ho-Ho-Ho! Military Families Share Their Holiday Mishaps

    Military Life

    Whether you're planning a picture-perfect holiday or your Christmas will look more like National Lampoon, embrace the holiday mishaps and find humor in the chaos! Military families share their stories...

    December 04, 2023

    Creating Your Own Holiday Traditions as a Military Family

    Military Life

    Over the river and through the woods? Maybe not this year! Perhaps it's time to start some of your own military family holiday traditions.

    December 03, 2023

    5 Easy Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids

    Military Life

    Need some portable fun or an activity during the holiday break? Try these 5 easy craft ideas with your military kids!